Friday, 15 April 2011


Hey guys, just to let you all know, there's a giveaway over at my other blog, where you are able to win all of the stuff in the picture above!  For more information, head over to Amy Valentine where you could be in for a chance to win! (:

Saturday, 26 March 2011


so i'm getting a little bored of susanna valentine.  it's not really 'me' anymore and i've sorta lost inspiration for new pieces as it kinda all has to follow the same 'girly' ish theme and it's just dull.  i don't know whether to close everything down completely and start up a new business, which is more suited to myself or to keep the name and change things round.  it'll be hard because i have so many google results etc for susanna valentine and it'll be so much hassle to change it all but i do need a new name, as susanna valentine is outdated, as it is from the days when i had my 'business partner' but then she moved to australia so couldn't carry on with it. i want a better, more individual name and look but i just can't think of anything! any possible ideas?

Friday, 25 February 2011

new blog!

Amy Valentine

okay so, i have been using this blog for a really long time as a business AND personal blog and it's just getting confusing now! i've decided to start my own blog, just for me, as i'm having a rough time at the moment and i just need an outlet or something, so click here or on the image above to see it!  i'm still working on all the graphics etc, i only made it yesterday, so i reassure you it will get better!

so yeah, follow away! (:

Saturday, 29 January 2011

busy day!

so today i spent aaaages rephotographing my jewellery.  i managed to do most of the necklaces, so now if you visit them you will be able to see how the jewellery looks on you! (i photographed jewellery on a mannequin)  this should give you more of an idea of the size, as sometimes it's hard to tell with a picture of just the jewellery.

i also made some new products! they are:
bird call necklace - £9

memento mori earring - £3.99
the second item is slightly different to the other jewellery i make, i like it though (:  how do you like the new stuff?

Friday, 28 January 2011

good week!

i won the jawbreaking jewelry rose quartz necklace (shown above) giveaway! i'm so buzzed 'cause i've never won anything like that before, so i can't wait 'till it arrives! also yesterday i went for my sixth form interview, i only applied for one college, farnborough sixth, and they offered me a firm place! i'm so happyyyyyy:D then this wednesday coming up is me and my boyfriend's 1 year, i can't believe time has gone so quickly and to top everything off, i'm having domino's pizza for dinner tonight, woooo! good week for me, lets hope next week turns out the same!
ps. did anyone watch skins? let down much?!