Friday, 31 December 2010

teddy bear! (photo heavy!)

as some of you may know, i have a baby brother, born on the 6th august this year, his name is freddie and i was originally going to make him a bear for his first toy, unfortunately i didn't finish it in time so left it for aaages but since i'm now on school holidays, i thought i might continue with my project and the little panda is now complete! i'm so happy with him (apart from the fact i forgot to put in eyes before i stuffed the head, ignore that!), i never thought i would actually be able to make a bear so i'm somewhat proud of myself haha(:  he was also really cheap to make, i bought the pattern which came with the all the templates and fabric you need from this site which also features loads of other adorable designs but it appears that she's only doing epatterns now (just the template which you print out) which is disappointing, but there are still plenty of bear making kits all over the internet, i also would check out etsy if you're interested, hope you like my little creation(:
also, happy new years eve! :D

Thursday, 30 December 2010


so i've never done a haul before but here goes..
the other day i popped into reading and got some cute goodies, as all the other blogs do, i thought i'd share what i bought with my readers..:L
so here's what i got:
knitted charcoal knee socks - £6.50 river island
oatmeal cable knit jumper - £11 primark

gold dove ring - £2 primark

layered necklace - £2.50 primark
although it's not always excellent quality, primark is undeniably remarkable, i can't work out how they get profit in pricing their items so cheap, i'm not complaining though!  the grey cable knit socks are also gorgeous, they're stretchy and really soft as well as being quite cheap for river island!  i loooove them and overall i am happy with my purchases:D 

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

christmas presents!

looking at this picture i feel so insanely spoiled! i guess it's probably down to my parents being divorced so i get two christmases and i have generally a large family.  i'm really happy with my presents though, especially as i'm officially allowed to take my macbook wherever i want now and i got apple tv and the uggs, hoodies & coat i asked for(:  my most unusual can be found right at the front, that strange black pole is in fact a legless tripod, i don't quite see the point but i'll have fun fashioning some legs for it i guess(:  sorry for the seemingly boastful post haha, it's not supposed to be aimed in that way d:

on another note, next year i will be bringing out susanna valentine's first ring! it will be a range of proper vintage domino rings.  i initially want them to be the trending double finger ring but i need to check how big the dominoes are first, because i don't think they'll stretch over two fingers! so yeah stay tuned for that, should be quite good, and super individual (and affordable) too :D

wednesday want - week 2: urban outfitters

kay so this wednesday want features the gorgeous motel hillary bodysuit!  it is currently in the urban outfitters january sale for only £20, reduced from £40!  the design is gorgeous and i loooove the paint splatter effect but it's strapless and unfortunately, i don't do strapless, i just feel uncomfortable for some reason hahaa, also i wouldn't have a clue how to wear this thing!  such a shame cause it's so amazinggg, oh well(:  hope you like it!

Monday, 27 December 2010

forever 21 goodies!

this may sound a little weird, but i hate january sales.  they're just way too hectic and you can't concentrate when there are so many people around you, rushing around like mad people trying to get all the bargains they can.  this is the reason i love online shopping, frankly i prefer it to shopping in actual shops, cause you know instantly what sizes/colours etc are available and you avoid queues and angry shoppers.  the only downside is that you don't know how large the sizes are or how it looks on you, but i don't really mind.

so today was just another lazy day at home with the fam and i've been january sale shopping online and i had a look through aaaall the high street shops, topshop, new look, h&m, forever 21 but i really couldn't find anything amazing and i was rather disappointed with forever 21's sale section, there's hardly anything there! i then started looking through the other stuff, that wasn't in the sale and fell in love with a few items, i ended up spending £36!  can't wait for it all to arrive though!  here's what i bought:

1. extended raglan tee - £12.80

Product Picture

2. bicycle necklace - £4.80

Product Picture

Product Picture

4. knee high socks - £5.80

Product Picture

altogether i'm really happy with my purchases, can't wait for them to arrive and see what they look like on! :D 

Mini Mixtape Monday: Week 3

click the picture for the autoplay youtube playlist
1. don't fuck up - night kids
2. dark blue - jack's mannequin
3. big boss - doctor p
4. sleepyhead - passion pit
5. you should have killed me when you had the chance - a day to remember


Sunday, 26 December 2010

(early) january sale now on!

so ignore the last post, the susanna valentine jewellery january sale is now on! the items are majorly reduced so enjoy the bargains but hurry, out pieces are only made in extremely small quantities so when it's gone, it's gone! shop quickly, the sale ends on 31/01/11 then the prices will go back up!  simply click the banner above to go to the items sale page!


one of the hoodies i got for christmas!
hey guys, hope you all had a fantastic christmas! :D i sure did! it's kind of a shame it's all over now though, just as i was getting into the spirit of it all, oh well. i shall be doing a post either tomorrow or on the 28th (when i go back to my mums house) showing you guys what i got for christmas, probably won't be the most interesting of posts but i've always wanted to do that whole 'what's in my bag/room' post kinda thing, i heard blog readers like that kinda thing haha so what do you think?

i'm also feeling a mini january sale on the site so i will get right on that! get ready for some bargains! i just need to make a banner for the homepage then sale items galore! get shopping guys!

Friday, 24 December 2010

christmas eve!

i'm not gonna lie, it really doesn't feel like christmas to me, idk why haha.  it's probably just cause it's just a normal day of me sitting around doing nothing with the event of my grandmother being present.  meh on the bright side i found the most hilaaaarious video which is embedded above (just to clarify, she's ripping off the gingers have souls video, and she isn't actually from the philippines haha)
hope you found it as funny as i did!:L

Thursday, 23 December 2010

sugar magazine shoot

so if you have been a follower for a while you will have read my post about getting featured in the one and only sugar magazine! i managed to get the opportunity because i did an internship there over the summer and was offered the privilege to model in the 'take six' section.  the shoot was really cool and professional with huge mirrors and stylists to sort your hair and makeup out and there was a proper set with bright lighting and everything haha, unfortunately the styling was not very 'me' and they curled my hair and put on pink lipstick(!!) but it needed to fit the image of a christmas party etc so just had to suck it up haha, now some of the pictures aren't too great but here are a few of them: (first one was the one featured in the magazine).
in case you were wondering what the letters are about, there were several girls in the shoot and we had to pose with letters that spelled out 'party' (with a star at the end haha)
thanks for reading guuuyyys(:

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

wednesday want week 1: drop dead clothing

so today's wednesday want is on drop dead clothing! i'm always visiting their site and lusting after the clothing they sell.  i admit that a lot of the stuff they sell is way too bold for my taste but there are a few items i like:

1. spacewolf tee - £25.  this is probably my favourite of all their tees that they sell.  it has a nice cut and the image isn't too in your face, it's rather 'me' (:

2. brain eater dress - £30.  this dress is amazing but i think a little too 'out there' for me.  i would probably have difficulty putting it together in an outfit but i love it nonetheless!

3. war pig denim shorts - £35. these i loooooooove! denim shorts are a wardrobe staple for me, i wear them all the time and have now built up a collection of 5 pairs and counting!  but the drop dead ones are lovely, they are distressed nicely and the logo on the waistband is cute, it's a shame that they aren't really too pretty on the front, they're just a tad plain.

sssssso i hope you liked the first edition of wednesday want, visit us again next week! (:

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

tee - backstreet merch
cami (worn underneath) - new look
feather earring - tink fashion

sssso my crystal castles t-shirt arrived! it's a little on the small side as you may be able to tell (the smiley is supposed to be a circle but is a tad stretched out!) but otherwise i love it!  i couldn't decide which edit of the picture was best so i just put both on aha, i'm going with the top one though, bottom just looks too OTT.  you'll also be able to spot my polaroid 600 camera which i blogged about a few months ago (a tenner on ebay, can you believe it!?) and of course my bedroom walls (posters need to be updated!).

i also have a mini review for you! i bought my feather earring from tink fashion and i adore it!  it is made of the most gorgeous soft feathers and it's easy to wear, plus it was real cheap and the earrings are sold in either singles or pairs (i bought mine as a single) but i would definitely recommend the earrings, they're all hand made and so beautiful! unfortunately my one is sold out but there are still a load left just as nice!

lastly, i have another dailies post for you guys, wednesday want! as i'm always just posting about things i want i shall categorise them so there aren't too many, so that should be alright, look forward to tomorrows post guys(: