Thursday, 9 December 2010

kay so, i'm at dads with nothing to do so might as well make a blog post..
now some readers may have heard of babycakes clothing.  i've known about the brand for ages and even met the creator, paul griffiths at the clothes show live in december '09 with jess, the susanna part of susanna valentine, (see picture above) but the clothes have always been a bit 'out there' for me.  i've bought 2 shirts from them before (1, 2. cant really see the shirt in the first pic!) but never really wore them.  however they have out a few new products and i love the hoodie they made!

i've been looking for a hoodie in a charcoal colour for aaages but haven't been able to find the right one.  i also have a mini obsession with pixels as i used to be involved in the pixelling community when i was younger and have always been interested in that area, so this hoodie is so perfect! the only problem is that it's like £40! ):  might put it on my christmas list just in case!

also, i bought a polaroid 600 camera a while back on ebay and have been looking at film for it.  the film was discontinued aaages ago so its completely overpriced now, at like £30 for 10 photos! it's a shame really, cause i love the old look of them and i wanna make a little display with them in my room, plus they'd be great to put into my photography portfolio when i go to A-level for experimentation with different cameras!  oh well, maybe i'll get round to treating myself one day..

aaaalso, i have decided that the 'sunday round up' isn't quite working out for me, i just don't know what sort of stuff i'm supposed to do! so i have decided to take some inspiration a la kaelah bee and do a mini monday mix!  i will post 5 tracks every monday of my favourite songs of the previous week to hopefully brighten up your monday!  however, i will not be doing them in download form because i could possibly get done in for it! i'll probably feature it in a mini player or several youtube videos embedded, what do you think?(:

lastly, i'm still promising that clothes show update! sorry its taking me too long D:

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