Tuesday, 21 December 2010

tee - backstreet merch
cami (worn underneath) - new look
feather earring - tink fashion

sssso my crystal castles t-shirt arrived! it's a little on the small side as you may be able to tell (the smiley is supposed to be a circle but is a tad stretched out!) but otherwise i love it!  i couldn't decide which edit of the picture was best so i just put both on aha, i'm going with the top one though, bottom just looks too OTT.  you'll also be able to spot my polaroid 600 camera which i blogged about a few months ago (a tenner on ebay, can you believe it!?) and of course my bedroom walls (posters need to be updated!).

i also have a mini review for you! i bought my feather earring from tink fashion and i adore it!  it is made of the most gorgeous soft feathers and it's easy to wear, plus it was real cheap and the earrings are sold in either singles or pairs (i bought mine as a single) but i would definitely recommend the earrings, they're all hand made and so beautiful! unfortunately my one is sold out but there are still a load left just as nice!

lastly, i have another dailies post for you guys, wednesday want! as i'm always just posting about things i want i shall categorise them so there aren't too many, so that should be alright, look forward to tomorrows post guys(:

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