Thursday, 2 December 2010

terrible week

so last night it snowed and left me with like 3 or so inches of snow.  don't get me wrong, i love the stuff but just not this time of the year, especially today.  i'm supposed to be going back to my fleet house (my parents are divorced) and seeing my boyfriend and i also need to get my macbook from there so i have it for friday but nnnoo, it has to snow and my school just had to close, leaving me stranded in arborfield of all places.  no one lives in arborfield!  so today is my pajama day, chillaxin' in my onesie(;

also, i blogged about the clothes show live before, talking about how excited i am about going this sunday.  turns out, they send us the wrong tickets so we are now going on saturday.  i'm still grateful for getting the tickets of course but sunday is the day where the shops are trying to get all of the stock out, resulting in mega price cuts, but whatever, still going and i guess thats what matters(:  my mum also managed to get vip fashion show tickets for a really discounted price, at only £15 a pop! so happy!

next, music.  i've been in a bit of a rut lately musicwise as i'm finding i'm just listening to the same old stuff so i went through my ipod and rediscovered brand new and hollywood undead! i got the hollywood undead discography ages ago and never really listened to it and now i'm obsessed!  probably not the kind of music most people like though haha.  however, you may like brand new.  i knew a few of their songs before but got their album and fell head over heels in love!  this is what the video at the top of the post is, it's my new favourite song by them!
Brand New - Ghost on White - T-ShirtPhotobucket

so provoked by my obsession, i have ordered some tshirts!  above to the left you'll see an outdated brand new tee which i got real cheap cause they have new merch now.  i also bought a crystal castles tee shown on the right because i loooove their music and saw the tee on the stalls at reading festival last year but never got round to buying it, so here it is! can't wait until they both arrive!

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