Monday, 21 June 2010


okay so we have had two orders in the past week! they may not be online but that doesn't matter! thank you Josie for buying an exclusive not yet on site necklace and also thank you Melina (luv yaz) for buying a pair of earrings (also not listed)
i've been uber busy at the moment so have not been able to list any new products, will be doing real soon though!
stay tuuuuuned (y)

Saturday, 19 June 2010

okay, so
i ordered some new components (chain, jumprings and glue) yesterday morning and it has all arrived today! now that is fast delivery o;
so consecuently, we now have these earrings back in stock:click here to buy!
i have also ordered a LOAD of new stock so stay tuned for new products on their way! :D

Friday, 18 June 2010


okay, this is a completely pointless blog rant that i need to let out.
moustache necklaces. why is everybody so obsessed with wearing mens facial hair as jewellery? it just makes no sense? so many jewellery websites are doing them at the moment and its just confusing haha, the last thing i want around my neck is some old mans moustache :L
anyway rant over..
i'm thinking the watering can necklace needs a revamp, it doesn't hang righttt, i want to get it to hang at an angle so the drops pour out properly so i'm not sure if i should drill more holes or connect the chain to the spout too... oh well ill sort it out..
i'm thinking i should get in some more products asap as they're getting bought up quite fast! i already used up almost 10 metres of chain and 100+ jumprings o;
anywaaaaaay i dont even know why i keep writing blogs, no one actually reads them anyway, we only have 2 subscribers): oh welllll..

Thursday, 17 June 2010


okay so since the last post i made (which was a while ago, sorry!) we have sold quite a lot of stuff! we have managed to sell out of these products:

and we only have one necklace left of this product!
click here to buy
we also sold 3 of 5 babushka doll necklaces! we now only have a red and a green one left and no chain or gold jumprings D: need to stock up asap!

im also pretty annoyed at a particular stockist. i ordered some new stock on the 1st june and it still hasn't arrived! ive tried to contact them and even reported them but still no luck -.-

i've also been putting more stuff on ebay to try and get some more money for new stock coming in as i've not added anything in a while haha, most of the stuff isn't that nice as it's just hand-me-downs ive received from my dads gfs daughter and some of my mums mates stuff but meh, check it out if you want here.

anyway must go, i need to order some new components or i'm screwed o.o

baaaaaaai xx

Saturday, 5 June 2010


okay, so i've been doing revision pretty much all day and am not *finally* on a break, not for long though ): but yeah, i was real busy yesterday redoing all the posters in my room cause a lot of them were getting a tad old so theres a pic of that above:D( i know, pretty sad hahaha) also we got out FIRST EVER online order! :D thank you Ellie! i'm gonna try and advertise us a bit more somehow rather soon to keep the orders coming. i also need to make a FAQ/about page to say how long after orders we post etc. efffoorttt. ohoh and i found the best music video evaar which you'll find below, i'm not too into the song but the vid is actually awesome.
i also downloaded the new young pony club and crystal castles albums today which have gone on my revision playlist along with my chiptuuune ♥. so yaah anyway, ordered some new stock yesterday along with an external flash for my d5000 so pretty buzzed about that too:D but yahh, got to go, breaks nearly over and im hungry so baaaaai♥

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


hey guys :D sorry i haven't written in ages, as you can see i put a load of pictures on, i got some lomo effect app on my phone and i'm obsessed with it, so cooool! :D
but yeahh, i have a new product !(: it's the swooping swallow necklace, one of a kind AND really cheap:D
click here to buy
i'm thinking susanna valentine needs to be updated and i'm gonna try to change it all round and get some new themes very soon :D
but for now, stay tuned!(;
oh, we also have our 3rd customer! thanks chloe!(:
anyway, i'll write soon!