Thursday, 17 June 2010


okay so since the last post i made (which was a while ago, sorry!) we have sold quite a lot of stuff! we have managed to sell out of these products:

and we only have one necklace left of this product!
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we also sold 3 of 5 babushka doll necklaces! we now only have a red and a green one left and no chain or gold jumprings D: need to stock up asap!

im also pretty annoyed at a particular stockist. i ordered some new stock on the 1st june and it still hasn't arrived! ive tried to contact them and even reported them but still no luck -.-

i've also been putting more stuff on ebay to try and get some more money for new stock coming in as i've not added anything in a while haha, most of the stuff isn't that nice as it's just hand-me-downs ive received from my dads gfs daughter and some of my mums mates stuff but meh, check it out if you want here.

anyway must go, i need to order some new components or i'm screwed o.o

baaaaaaai xx

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