Saturday, 5 June 2010


okay, so i've been doing revision pretty much all day and am not *finally* on a break, not for long though ): but yeah, i was real busy yesterday redoing all the posters in my room cause a lot of them were getting a tad old so theres a pic of that above:D( i know, pretty sad hahaha) also we got out FIRST EVER online order! :D thank you Ellie! i'm gonna try and advertise us a bit more somehow rather soon to keep the orders coming. i also need to make a FAQ/about page to say how long after orders we post etc. efffoorttt. ohoh and i found the best music video evaar which you'll find below, i'm not too into the song but the vid is actually awesome.
i also downloaded the new young pony club and crystal castles albums today which have gone on my revision playlist along with my chiptuuune ♥. so yaah anyway, ordered some new stock yesterday along with an external flash for my d5000 so pretty buzzed about that too:D but yahh, got to go, breaks nearly over and im hungry so baaaaai♥

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