Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Happy wednesday...

so basix, today i finally managed to drill the holes in the new stock and made them into some adorable necklaces!:D

buy it here!
it's only cheap, but it does have real crystal on it!(:
aaaalso, i appear to be broke :L seems that topshop and new stock builds up over a month
so i'm putting more stuff on ebay lmfao, then new products shall be added:D
and by the way, i noticed we have our first ever follower! thank you kirkland! we also have our first sign up for the mailing list so thank you too kristi! (:
please, if you feel the need, do follow us, we don't bite ^-^"
aaaaanyway, shower taime, baiiiiiiiiiii


Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Russsian dolls!

so me and jess worked out what to do with the babushka dolls, we have made them all into necklaces! (: Before, we were completely stumped as to what we were going to do but we saw one almost identical in Sugar magazine last month and we decided to do that! there are four different colours, all lovely(:check them out here!
we were also thinking of making some into keyrings maybe? idk, could work ha.
also, as you will know if you read my previous blog, i was going to drill holes in the new stock today. i haven't :L i had to catch up on a test i missed at lunch break which was when i was going to do it but oh well, theres always tomorrow ;D i'm also getting really annoyed about the rest of the stock arriving, i ordered it like a week ago and it still hasn't arrived! ): hopefully should be here soon though so stay tuned for new products when they do! (;
7 days until jess is back from australia, loooong ): school is major boring without her:L
so yaaaaaaah off to revise, biology mock tomorrow D:

Monday, 26 April 2010


okay, so
the new stock i ordered actually need holes drilling in them so i shall be doing that tomorrow but i'm a tad worried cause the charm is so small i don't think i'll be able to drill it without ruining it :L but oh well, worth a try. also, i added a new look on lookbook but i don't really like it as much, it was after a gig so meeehh(: nothing special:L check it out here. aaalso, if you're reading this jess thanks for texting me at 3am and waking me up -.- NAT appreciated. i also worked out how we're going to package our orders and designed some business cards which are pretty cute(: also, if you've never heard of jake and amir just youtube them, i think they are actually the funniest guys on the universe :L
so yeah anyway, i need to go tidy my room. again fml.
baaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiii :D

Sunday, 25 April 2010


hello everyone, its jesss. todays been pretty emotional for me, had a real think about everything to do with moving to australia and am really needing to discuss things with amy about how the business is going to work with me being 24 hours away! im hopefully going to be carrying on and advertising us in oz! so hope that goes well.. we also got our first sponsor! 'mary sew' - check her blog out, its on the left hand side. were also really hoping to get a few more sponsors this week and hopefully some more people sign up to our mailing list! so please if your reading this,
join the mailing list!
but anyway, amy and myself have worked our absolute butts off this week trying to make the blog look better and personally i think its looking a lot better. we also have 3 potential buys! polly being one of them, and then 2 more who are interested! so thats great stufff. if anyone has any ideas for a necklace by the way, feel free to contact us! were happy to take on any constructive criticism as well, so any thoughts on the site, blog etc then feel free! hope all is well with people!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Nom nom nom

okay everyone, we finally have made the winged migration necklaces and i think i have fallen in love with them :L so so adorable(: plus they're quite cheap and really good quality despite the fact they are hollow backed brass, i couldn't bend them as hard as i tried! here is a picture of it:

click here to buy !
So as you guys can see, jess has made the blog sooo much better than it was before! :D ahh i do love that girl(: so yeah anyway, as jess said, we do have some babushka dolls we don't have any idea what we are doing with but i do have an idea which i need to discuss with her(:
also we have recieved our first order! thank you so so much Polly! she has bought one of the lovely winged migration necklaces (: some new stocks have also arrived today so i shall be experimenting with them today! :D
but yeah anyway, ill write again soon,

Friday, 23 April 2010

Babushka dolls?

hey, as i said in my previous blog, a few months back i was just experementing with a few charm orders as we were setting up the website and ordering stocks etc and i ordered some of these wooden dolls, each measures approx 42mm long x 27mm at widest x 19mm in diameter at base. each one is hand painted so is slightly different - they have the cutest rosy cheeks and long eyelashes. a picture of them are below ;)

they're a little larger than amy and myself imagined, and we didnt think many people would like them, but we have them so we may aswell put them on the site, if anyone has any ideas of what would look good with these dolls (such as another small-ish charm) or chain length than please comment or click here to contact us.
thanks, jesssicarrr xx

Tell your friends!

hey guys.
basically as amy said in one of her million blog posts, im stuck here for another eleven days, which really sucks. i see she added a new product. i do like it and ive seen it myself and it really is lovely so if you wanna grab a bargain then seriously buy this necklace because you wont find another one like this around. also please do tell your friends about us because we feel really lonely without any followers! or anyone buying anything. as amy said were hopefully going to be making some business cards and then were gonna be handing them around, possibly in town, around school etc. we have a few more charms that we bought a while off that were little wooden russian dolls, ill post a blog about them soon.
but yeah, lastly pleeeaaase tell your friends about us :( we really need this, so thankyou for even reading this if anyone does!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Ma gap yah.

i just finished making a new necklace and posted it on the site cause i was really bored(:

check it out here.
personally, i like it and its really cheap so a good bargain. i also changed the banner on the website cause i thought blue looked better, i just hope jess doesn't feel left out again because i keep doing things without telling her but it's so hard to talk to her lately what with the australian time difference and all ): i haven't talked to her in aaages and if she moves this is what its gonna be like, boooring.
oh, well life will have to go on): but yeahh, tomorrow i'm drilling holes in the new pendants and i also have a new idea for a necklace that i need to discuss with jess, should be really good, quirky and original, antique one offs:D
aaaaanyway, must dash, im hungry...
ps. click here to see the best video ever, its hilarious:L

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


started school today. fml -.- i forgot how to wake up early :L
i also just added a new lookbook thingy so check that out here
also, me and a few friends have been brainstorming about ideas today and have a few killer ones that we can't wait to do, i just have to talk to jess about it first(: should hopefully be good though, we also need to make some business cards and im probably going to design some this weekend. aaaalso, this friday i'm going down to the tech room at school to drill holes in some of the new pendants cause my drill at home is absolutely useless :L so um yaaaaah. oh, and i also found out that jess is stuck in australia for another 11 days -.- im hating this stupid iceland volcano right now. so yeaaah, looking forward to when shes back and amazingly happy that she may be able to stay and come to reading festival with me :D woooooooooop
but i have to go now cause i need a shower lmfao, so baibai i'll probably write again sooon, am loving blogging :L

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Busy day!

hiya guys, its amy again:D
today has been relatively busy for me actually seeing as school is tomorrow -.- not looking forward to it. but yeah, i have added a new product to the website, an adorable little love necklace,

click here to see its page, theres only one available so buy it now or regret it forever(;
i also added my first lookbook entry if you're interested in that site, which not many people are :L so if you want to have a look at that just click here. i've also been doing a load of ebay stuff today of all my old clothes cause i need money (namely to buy stocks). but yeah, anyway i'm sooo happy cause yesterday i went to reading with mum and went around a load of charity shops and managed to fins some brown brogues for £2 and a real YSL jumper for £3. so so happy :L my mum also bought me some laavly grey boots from river island which are nicer than the ugly black ones i have at the moment that make my feet look huge hahaa. but yaaah, check out the product and stuff, maybe even be crazy and be our first follower -.- so yeah anyway, baaaaai:DX

Monday, 19 April 2010

First post from Jesssssicarrr!

hey hey guys! its jess, basically im in australia, bit bored thought id make a blog. not too good at this kind of stuff and usually once i start i dont stop for ages! but yeah, as amy said we've ordered in a load of beads and charms and were going to start making some bracelets soon! we really love the idea of them and definitely would wear them. the idea of these lucky, love and hope bracelets came from when i was given a lucky bracelet and then lost it. we both love friendship bracelets and know how thin they are and how easily they break which sucks, so we've got a great new way of making them thicker and stronger, so please do check them out once we've made them. at the moment, amy and myself know that all these blogs are only read by ourselves which kind of sucks because we do spend alot of time and money on trying to make this work so if you have come across us and like the idea please tell other people because our jewellery will be lovely, i promise!
hope all is well with people. love out XXXX

Thursday, 15 April 2010


yo, i'm insanely bored at the moment so i thought i'd post another blog.
it turns out that jess WAS going to write an entry but couldn't think of anything to write so didn't post it in the end. exciting stuff.
anyway, i ordered some new charms yesterday, namely some silver ones for the bracelets i was talking about in the previous blog but the p&p will take up to 30 days so you might have to wait a while :L we're also having problems with money at the moment too, it appears that starting up a business isn't as easy as we thought as the stocks we're buying aren't always cheap and we haven't had any purchases yet but hopefully as we go on we will do a bit better, just have to keep trying(:
ahh well, thanks for reading(:
oh and by the way, we added a new necklace a while ago which we forgot to blog about but we love it and it's our favourite product so far :D check it out here.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Jess is in australia!

hey anybody who's reading this :L
just writing a little update as we haven't writted a second blog yet, so here it is! basically, i'm writing to say that jess (the susanna part of Susanna Valentine) has gone on holiday to australia for 10 days so there won't be much advance with any products although we are planning an amazing new range of cheap charm bracelets which represent different things such as luck, hope and love etc. they should hopefully be pretty good and something to put on our site thats better than those annoying custom things haha. so while jess is away, i'll be experimenting with a load of different looks to see which is best(: so yeah, thanks for reading, jess may write a blog while she's away though so who knows, stay tuned(: