Sunday, 25 April 2010


hello everyone, its jesss. todays been pretty emotional for me, had a real think about everything to do with moving to australia and am really needing to discuss things with amy about how the business is going to work with me being 24 hours away! im hopefully going to be carrying on and advertising us in oz! so hope that goes well.. we also got our first sponsor! 'mary sew' - check her blog out, its on the left hand side. were also really hoping to get a few more sponsors this week and hopefully some more people sign up to our mailing list! so please if your reading this,
join the mailing list!
but anyway, amy and myself have worked our absolute butts off this week trying to make the blog look better and personally i think its looking a lot better. we also have 3 potential buys! polly being one of them, and then 2 more who are interested! so thats great stufff. if anyone has any ideas for a necklace by the way, feel free to contact us! were happy to take on any constructive criticism as well, so any thoughts on the site, blog etc then feel free! hope all is well with people!

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