Monday, 19 April 2010

First post from Jesssssicarrr!

hey hey guys! its jess, basically im in australia, bit bored thought id make a blog. not too good at this kind of stuff and usually once i start i dont stop for ages! but yeah, as amy said we've ordered in a load of beads and charms and were going to start making some bracelets soon! we really love the idea of them and definitely would wear them. the idea of these lucky, love and hope bracelets came from when i was given a lucky bracelet and then lost it. we both love friendship bracelets and know how thin they are and how easily they break which sucks, so we've got a great new way of making them thicker and stronger, so please do check them out once we've made them. at the moment, amy and myself know that all these blogs are only read by ourselves which kind of sucks because we do spend alot of time and money on trying to make this work so if you have come across us and like the idea please tell other people because our jewellery will be lovely, i promise!
hope all is well with people. love out XXXX

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