Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Day 7!

okay here's the last product of product week! but more new products will be added soon(: it's the rouge rose necklace!

click here to buy!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Day Six!

hello again, sorry i didn't post the follow up product AGAIN yesterday, so hectic with school and stuff at the moment, especially with exams coming up /:
anyway, heres yesterdays new product! it's the You're a Sweetheart hama necklace!
click here to buy! its really cheap!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Day Five!

hey sorry i didn't list the fourth item yesterday, i was really busy haha, its been added now(:
but yeah, here's the fifth product of product week! it is the kawaii bow necklace!
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Thursday, 20 May 2010

day four!

aaand product number four of new product week is the ivory rose necklace!check it out here!

third product!

here's the 3rd product in product week! it's the blush rose necklace, which is the first product added. when we get more products in there will be a possible merge with the rose necklace products but for now, filling up the page is my aim(: here's a picture:
here to buy!
again, stay tuned for tomorrow! ;D

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

product of the day!!

okay, so i promised you guys i'd add one product a day for 7 days. here's day two's product, it's the first pair of earrings Susanna Valentine has ever doneclick here to buy!
stay tuned for tomorrows product!
peace out <3

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


OKAY, so i'm finally back at my mums house and a lot of the new stock has arrived! we have quite a lot of new products that we have decided to add one new one everyday for 1 week, that means seven new products! Todays new product is the Midnight Black Rose Necklace!

click here to buy :D
i've also reset the hit counter on the site so now its individual computer visits, not anybody who has visited it, if you get me :L
so yeah, i'll write tomorrow with the next new product! :D

Saturday, 15 May 2010


okay so, things aren't moving very quickly at Susanna Valentine at the moment, aaaaall my stock is at mums house but it's okay because i'm going back there tomorrow! yay(:
it appears that jess has actually lost the glue which is a disappointment because it was so good and also brand new and also expensive -.- a bit miffed about that because that means i will have to order yet more glue and this will postpone the production of some of the products. so yeah, i'd just like to say that Susanna Valentine is now on google! now when you search susanna valentine or susanna valentine jewellery we pop up as one of the first results! i'm very happy about this, it means that hopefully we'll get some orders coming in. i also made some business cards so this could help when people ask about us, just swipe out a flash business card (; we're also thinking of putting up some posters around school and town to advertise:D
oh and by the way, i made a tumblr account and am a tad obsessed with it at the moment aha, check it out here.
ta ta for now! ;D

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

long time, no posts

hey guys,
sorry we haven't posted lately, we've been very busy! i've ordered a load of new stock which i'll make into jewellery asap, there should be at least 9 new products on their way including lockets, bracelets and earrings! here's a little sneak peek:
these tiny rose cabs will be adhered onto earring posts to make adorable little earrings (once jess manages to locate the glue)!
and these larger cabochons need to be drilled and put onto necklaces. there are 4 colours in total including ivory, black, red and light pink.
unfortunately, i will not be able to do this any time this week because i'm staying at my dads house and all the jewellery supplies are at my mums house (it's so annoying having divorced parents!)
i've also noticed that we have a new follower! thank you kin-anh nguyen, much appreciated (:
so yeah, stay tuned for the new stuff!

Monday, 3 May 2010

bank holiday!

so i haven't actually done anything for the site recently, i've been at my dads house and all the parcels are delivered to mums anyway, plus theyre not delivered weekends anyway, but some of the stock is taking forever which is slightly annoying -.-
but anyway, i just thought i'd let you know, i am obsessed with unicorn kid at the moment, his music is amaaazing, you have to be in the mood for it though, the genre is chiptune and his doesn't contain any lyrics but i don't mind(: my favourite song is 'lion hat', it sounds amazing when you listen to it really loud with good quality headphones (my friend has skullcandy ones, theyre crazy good, play.com £32, hi matt if you're reading this ;D )
such a cool picture don't you think? check out unicorn kid's myspace here
anyway, im off for some lunch, jess got back from australia today by the way! so buzzed to see her tomorrow, i'm sure she'll write a blog saying hey soon(:
byeeee x