Wednesday, 12 May 2010

long time, no posts

hey guys,
sorry we haven't posted lately, we've been very busy! i've ordered a load of new stock which i'll make into jewellery asap, there should be at least 9 new products on their way including lockets, bracelets and earrings! here's a little sneak peek:
these tiny rose cabs will be adhered onto earring posts to make adorable little earrings (once jess manages to locate the glue)!
and these larger cabochons need to be drilled and put onto necklaces. there are 4 colours in total including ivory, black, red and light pink.
unfortunately, i will not be able to do this any time this week because i'm staying at my dads house and all the jewellery supplies are at my mums house (it's so annoying having divorced parents!)
i've also noticed that we have a new follower! thank you kin-anh nguyen, much appreciated (:
so yeah, stay tuned for the new stuff!

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