Friday, 15 April 2011


Hey guys, just to let you all know, there's a giveaway over at my other blog, where you are able to win all of the stuff in the picture above!  For more information, head over to Amy Valentine where you could be in for a chance to win! (:

Saturday, 26 March 2011


so i'm getting a little bored of susanna valentine.  it's not really 'me' anymore and i've sorta lost inspiration for new pieces as it kinda all has to follow the same 'girly' ish theme and it's just dull.  i don't know whether to close everything down completely and start up a new business, which is more suited to myself or to keep the name and change things round.  it'll be hard because i have so many google results etc for susanna valentine and it'll be so much hassle to change it all but i do need a new name, as susanna valentine is outdated, as it is from the days when i had my 'business partner' but then she moved to australia so couldn't carry on with it. i want a better, more individual name and look but i just can't think of anything! any possible ideas?

Friday, 25 February 2011

new blog!

Amy Valentine

okay so, i have been using this blog for a really long time as a business AND personal blog and it's just getting confusing now! i've decided to start my own blog, just for me, as i'm having a rough time at the moment and i just need an outlet or something, so click here or on the image above to see it!  i'm still working on all the graphics etc, i only made it yesterday, so i reassure you it will get better!

so yeah, follow away! (:

Saturday, 29 January 2011

busy day!

so today i spent aaaages rephotographing my jewellery.  i managed to do most of the necklaces, so now if you visit them you will be able to see how the jewellery looks on you! (i photographed jewellery on a mannequin)  this should give you more of an idea of the size, as sometimes it's hard to tell with a picture of just the jewellery.

i also made some new products! they are:
bird call necklace - £9

memento mori earring - £3.99
the second item is slightly different to the other jewellery i make, i like it though (:  how do you like the new stuff?

Friday, 28 January 2011

good week!

i won the jawbreaking jewelry rose quartz necklace (shown above) giveaway! i'm so buzzed 'cause i've never won anything like that before, so i can't wait 'till it arrives! also yesterday i went for my sixth form interview, i only applied for one college, farnborough sixth, and they offered me a firm place! i'm so happyyyyyy:D then this wednesday coming up is me and my boyfriend's 1 year, i can't believe time has gone so quickly and to top everything off, i'm having domino's pizza for dinner tonight, woooo! good week for me, lets hope next week turns out the same!
ps. did anyone watch skins? let down much?!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

wednesday want - week 6: lazy oaf clothing

bones slob tshirt - £28
crosses slob tshirt - £28
for a while, i used to steer right clear of lazy oaf, as the clothing was way too vibrant and daring for me but they have recently brought out more toned down, mature clothing and i love it! many of the pieces involve crucifixes, which are becoming increasingly popular, even one of susanna valentine's new products features them! i like the simpleness (if thats a word!) of the designs, it's just a shame they're so expensive!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


so you guys, i have managed to sell nearly all of the swooping swallow necklaces, with only one left of the white filled type (shown above) so if you want it, buy quickly!

also, i'm thinking that i need to re-photograph everything, i'll need to find some free time to do this obviously but the pictures of the products i have at the moment, although good for the site as they have a white background, are just kinda boring, i'm gonna aim to take some new pictures that are more creative, so proper photography:D might not be for a while though aha d:

i have a load of new products planned as well as a few giveaways! i just have to wait for the stock to arrive and i will photograph and list everything!  

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mini Mixtape Monday: Week 7

click the image for the autoplay youtube playlist

1. the gardener - the tallest man on earth
2. streetlight - joshua radin
3. your ex lover is dead - stars
4. walking the dog - fun.
5. little lion man - mumford & sons

every time i listen to mumford & sons it brings me back to reading festival 2010 :')

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

wednesday want - week 5: blackbird tees

SALE - PREP SCHOOL  - one size fits all loose crop tee - bow tie print on heather moss
prep school tee - £9.63

Ursa Major Burnout Raglan - women's medium - geometric bear print on brown
ursa major sweatshirt - £23.76

Don't Wait Up - women's medium - city print on burnout raglan in washed black
don't wait up jumper - £23.76

One That Got Away - women's XL - birdcage print on heather oatmeal
the one that got away tee - £23.76
My Moon, My Man - men's medium - lunar print on heather black
my moon, my man tee - £16.05
this week i'm lusting over the gorgeous clothing at blackbird tees!  i love the simple prints, so cute! my favorite, however, is definitely the don't wait up jumper (shown above).  i may be ordering it relatively soon!

Monday, 17 January 2011


so i took art for gcse, which i kinda love and hate at the same time, it's my favourite subject but there is sooo much coursework to do!   anyway i figured that as i needed to write a new blog i would share my work in progress with you guys :D here it is:
the person is me if you were wondering and it's about 1 and a half metres long haha, it's one of the pictures taken before the halloween party i went to last year, the one with the lookbook look (:  i still need to paint in the triangles and add in another on the left and when that's done i'll post some more pics.  i'm also making a dress and a 3d piece which is a huge skull :D i'll put that on eventually so yeahh, hope you like my work i guess(:

also, new stock coming really soon! :D
i'm off to the gym now, baayyeee!

Mini Mixtape Monday: Week 6

click the picture for the autoplay youtube playlist
  1. it's oh so quiet (bjork cover) - bell
  2. home - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
  3. if you wonder (acoustic) - jeff bernat
  4. change of seasons - sweet thing
  5. you need me, i don't need you - ed sheeran
it's quite a happy playlist this week, the first track is insane, i love it! :D 

Saturday, 15 January 2011


sorry i haven't been writing in a while! i've been so so busy with school and everything, i have no time to blog!  anyway, i've been thinking lately that Susanna Valentine could expand it's horizons, i'm thinking t-shirts?? they would all be hand screened with cute and quirky little graphics.  i have seen tutorials all over the internet on how to make your own screens and, although it looks extremely time consuming, i'd like to find a new hobby(:  the tshirts would only be pretty basic with one colour (unless i'm feeling daring and blend colours?!) and bold graphics.  a few examples of what i'm aiming to get are shown below:
so yeah, the graphics would be block colours pretty much(: i already have a load of ideas but feel absolutely welcome to share some ideas of tees etc in the comments, i'd love to hear your opinions!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

wednesday want - week 4: big deal clothing


this weeks wednesday want is the kings and queens of the party scene vest in navy from big deal clothing.  i love busy faded graphic tees and the graphics on this are so cool! definitely putting this on my wishlist :D  it's kiiiinda expensive for a vest at £14.99 but its worth it i reckon, if they made one with a white tee and black graphics i would so buy it!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

tattoos (image heavy!)

heyy, sorry i haven't been posting much at the moment, i'm back at school now so have slightly less time on my hands!

i know this is completely irrelevant, but i'm so obsessed with tattoos at the moment! one of my aims is to get one by 2012 but i have a feeling that won't be fulfilled, as i am only 16 :L  i just thought i'd share some of my ideas, i'm afraid i can't source all of them but most are from the tattoologist blog (site is currently down for some reason..).  i'm most interested in birds, triangles (symbol for change) so only small delicate ones but i'm most interested in the infinity symbol and if i was to get it i'd get it with a group of really close of friends or something(: just a tiny one on the right of my left wrist, the back of my neck or behind my ear aha, but yeah back to the pictures, here goes:
hope i didn't overload you guys! what do you think?