Tuesday, 11 January 2011

tattoos (image heavy!)

heyy, sorry i haven't been posting much at the moment, i'm back at school now so have slightly less time on my hands!

i know this is completely irrelevant, but i'm so obsessed with tattoos at the moment! one of my aims is to get one by 2012 but i have a feeling that won't be fulfilled, as i am only 16 :L  i just thought i'd share some of my ideas, i'm afraid i can't source all of them but most are from the tattoologist blog (site is currently down for some reason..).  i'm most interested in birds, triangles (symbol for change) so only small delicate ones but i'm most interested in the infinity symbol and if i was to get it i'd get it with a group of really close of friends or something(: just a tiny one on the right of my left wrist, the back of my neck or behind my ear aha, but yeah back to the pictures, here goes:
hope i didn't overload you guys! what do you think?


  1. Awesome tattoos!
    I'v actually really been wanting one of a bow but I might be too chicken!
    Your only 16! Oh well... 18 will come as soon as you know it!

  2. a bow would be wicked :D and yeah hopefully!


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