Saturday, 15 January 2011


sorry i haven't been writing in a while! i've been so so busy with school and everything, i have no time to blog!  anyway, i've been thinking lately that Susanna Valentine could expand it's horizons, i'm thinking t-shirts?? they would all be hand screened with cute and quirky little graphics.  i have seen tutorials all over the internet on how to make your own screens and, although it looks extremely time consuming, i'd like to find a new hobby(:  the tshirts would only be pretty basic with one colour (unless i'm feeling daring and blend colours?!) and bold graphics.  a few examples of what i'm aiming to get are shown below:
so yeah, the graphics would be block colours pretty much(: i already have a load of ideas but feel absolutely welcome to share some ideas of tees etc in the comments, i'd love to hear your opinions!


  1. yes yes make t-shirts!! These are ace and im sure yours would be too! X


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