Monday, 17 January 2011


so i took art for gcse, which i kinda love and hate at the same time, it's my favourite subject but there is sooo much coursework to do!   anyway i figured that as i needed to write a new blog i would share my work in progress with you guys :D here it is:
the person is me if you were wondering and it's about 1 and a half metres long haha, it's one of the pictures taken before the halloween party i went to last year, the one with the lookbook look (:  i still need to paint in the triangles and add in another on the left and when that's done i'll post some more pics.  i'm also making a dress and a 3d piece which is a huge skull :D i'll put that on eventually so yeahh, hope you like my work i guess(:

also, new stock coming really soon! :D
i'm off to the gym now, baayyeee!


  1. Love the artwork! its really good x

  2. Wow, thats an amazing painting! I do GCSE art too, but I don't like it because of all the coursework, ahaha. What projects do you have to do? xx

  3. and we have to do a painting project, a 3d project, a textiles project and an optional photography project, so much work!

  4. I dd GCSE Art, so I know it's tough, I had an incredibly strict tutor, which was probably a good thing really now I look back on it.

    That picture is amazing btw, you are very talented, can't wait to see your other pieces!

    I've joined your followers :) xxx

  5. wow thank you very much (: i'll be posting soon (: xxx


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