Wednesday, 5 January 2011

wednesday want - week 3: black milk

so a while back i blogged about buying the black milk galaxy leggings.  i loooove them but recently they have brought out new designs and i'm so annoyed!  they've got 2 new galaxy designs:

1. red galaxy leggings

2. black galaxy leggings


i can't believe it! don't get me wrong, i'm happy with the leggings i already have but i can't help but to want these ones too! the black ones are great because they have a changing pattern all over the leg at different points whereas my ones only have a change in pattern at the hip and ankle, both of which places you don't see as much!  i like the red ones too because the design is different on each leg which is pretty cool.  so yeah, major legging want atm but i don't have nearly enough cash to blow on these, at $70 a pair plus $10 postage! oh well, hopefully some daring high street shops will give them a go, lets hope!

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