Thursday, 6 January 2011

happy birthday shauny

today is my boyfriends birthday! he's 17 now so he's gonna be able to drive me around haha ;D  the picture above is us at prom last year, not the best of me but its one of my favourite pictures of us(:  this is actually a scheduled post as right now i am at school (sad face) but later on i shall be going round his and out for a birthday meal, unfortunately one of his presents hasn't arrived yet so he's not going to get everything but i have two already, and one of them is a kerrang (his favourite magazine) subscription so i think he'll be happy with that, so yeah excited for later eeeeeeeee!

also, we are now sold out of the rosey posey earrings and the plain gold outline option (the necklace to the right) of the swooping swallow necklace, however, i am bringing in a load of new stuff soon so look forward to those arriving!


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