Sunday, 26 September 2010

amg cameraaaaa

ahh life's good at the moment :D  i may be absolutely broke but whatever, i just bought a new camera!  i do already have a nikon d5000 that i got for my birthday last year but i really wanted a proper vintage one so had a look on ebay and managed to win a genuine polaroid 1000 camera for just under£20 which is really cheap! it looks like this:

i'm SOOOO hyped! i can't wait for it to arrive!:D  it's so cute, especially the little rainbow stripes :3  unfortunately, it does take film and it's not cheap! its almost a tenner for 1 pack but oh wellll(:  i'm hoping that when i receive it i can do something like this to my wall in my bedroom:

or hang them on string like this:

what do you think? 

also, i'm getting soooo impatient, i ordered those galaxy leggings a while ago (a made a post about it, you'll have seen it if you're a regular reader) and they still haven't arrived, i mean i know they have to print the fabric and sew them and stuff but it can't take this long!!  arrrrrrrgh

oh well i'll just have to wait );  until then, stay tuned for some review posts i guess lalal <3

Saturday, 25 September 2010


okay so MAJOR update, i have a puppy!!  my dads been saying we're going to get one for aaaages and yesterday he just sent me a random picture message of a puppy then i realised the background was the inside of our kitchen! so that was a nice way of telling me haha.  the puppy is an 8 week old female cockerpoo (mix between a cocker spaniel and a poodle) and she's jet black.  she is also currently nameless but we've got some ideas, we like coco, lulu, lola, teddi and a few others, i'm liking lulu best though, what do you guys think?  i went round to see her today and she is so tiny! about fifteen inches from her head to tip of her tail and her neck is so tiny we needed to buy a cat collar! i couldn't resist not taking any photos so had a mini photoshoot in my garden, here are a few of the squillions of pictures:

hope you think she's as cute as i do! :D

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Topshop Makeovers!

so - i've heard of the new topshop make up range, obviously, and there's word about that there's an online makeover site too, i just had to check it out so here you go!

this is a before and after picture of me that i added makeup to, it's so cool! i could spend hours playing around with all the different make up and the many ways you can apply it to the photo, why not give it a go? click here to go to the website.

happy makeover-ing?

New Products!

i've FINALLY finished some new products! there are 4 altogether and heeeere they are!:

1. That's Amore! Necklace, click here to buy.

2. Guess How Much I Love You Necklace, click here to buy.

3. Mais Oui! Necklace, click here to buy.

4. Carousel Necklace, click here to buy.
hope you like them!

Saturday, 18 September 2010


so last night was really good, i trekked it all the way to guildford after school with my friend loulie and went to my friends' band's gig.  i knew people out of two of the bands playing so that was goood.  it was a real late night and we missed the last train home but everything worked out cause taras mum came to pick us up:D you should deffo check out the bands that played, especially Goodnight Vienna and Mexican Car Chase :D by the way, sorry about the tiny, bad quality picture, its the only one i could find :L 

Also, i managed to sell the kawaii bow necklace to jack of all people hahaha, i'm not sure if he was joking or not but yeah, its taken off now anyway ;D new stuff will be listed tomorrow!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


okay, so i've wanted this pair of leggings for absolutely AAAAAAGES, i've been revisiting the site for what seems like forever, vowing that i WILL buy them and today is that day! 
they're from an online brand called black milk and are really expensive at $60 and postage at $10 which converts to about £45 but you can use the discount code 'iloveblackmilk' for 10% off the order.  i'm so looking forward to when they arrive! :D :D

Goodbye Old Products!

so, i've been saying recently that i have some new products! this is in fact true and they're ready to be added now but i've run out of free listing space SO i am deleting a previous product.  i am getting rid of the kawaii bow necklace.

click HERE to buy, its mega cheap at only £2! i will be deleting the listing in two days so on the 16th so if you want it, you better snap it up quick! 

Sunday, 12 September 2010


Susanna Valentine's blog has just received their first ever award! It is the 'Blog With Substance' award given to us by Katie, creator of 'Daydreaming is Heaven'  Thank you very much!:D
So now there are steps to do after receiving the award so here goes:

1. Thank the blogger who gave me the award...
Thank you! Really means a lot(:

2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words...
experiences, fun, fashion, jewellery, individuality

3. Pass this on to 10 other bloggers that you feel have a substance in their blogs.
i'm gonna reaward Daydreaming is Heaven
The Dainty Squid
Little Chief Honeybee
Mila's Daydreams
A Quirky Girl's Thoughts

Irene & A Blog
Life Through A Polaroid Picture
Pixies and Bears
Oh My Word!

Thanks again for the award! :D

we're getting featured!

you may have heard lately that kaelah bee, internet famous blogger of 'little chief honeybee' is doing a special feature and giveaway, and Susanna Valentine have entered! we need to send off 2 items, one for the giveaway and the other for the feature so we're getting the exposure of 3,000+ daily readers! this should hopefully bump up the business and help us out with advertising! aah i'm so excited! i love reading her blog, she is so interesting! click HERE to see it!

ohoh also, i made another cheesy picture thing hahaha, i saw a picture my friend, alex, took of some fireworks and was immediately reminded of the you me at six song called fireworks, one of my favourites by them so added them in haha, in case you were wondering, yes i am very bored at the moment d: here it is:
so yeah, i've made some more jewellery and will be photographing and listing it today if there's no interruptions/hiccups etc:D so stay tuned!

Friday, 10 September 2010

hella bored

so right now i'm doing anything humanly possible to avoid homework so i gave in to making one of those gimmicky overedited quote pictures with a photo i took of one of my trees ages ago d;  here it is:

can't get cheesier than that can you(;

so i've been thinking, maybe susanna valentine should bring out a range of hair accessories, just a few to bring variety cause right now its just necklaces, bracelets and earrings, i'm thinking like quirky floral bow hair grips, for a really good price, like 2 for £4 or something, if you like the idea drop me a comment below! :D

i don't know what's gotten into me lately but i've become obsessed with writing blog entries! i've already written 1 looong one (for me anyway) on here today and i'm constantly updating my tumblr, which i gave a link to in my previous post (y)  i also need to catch up on my lookbook cause i haven't posted for yonksss, so many sites, so little time o;

so yah, hope you liked the picture hahaha new products soon, just need to photograph them, eeeeeeeee!:D

new product!

sorry it's been so long since i posted a new product, been real busy(;  this is just a lead on to more of the new stuff susanna valentine is bringing in:D  they're adorable stud earrings with a nautical theme! they're also mega cheap and only 1 pair available so buy it now or regret it forever!
click HERE to buy (:

so anyway, it's finally the weekend! it feels like forever since i had a day off and i've only been at school for 3 days! oh dear hahaha.  so lately i've been thinking, i'm always taking pictures cause i take my camera pretty much everywhere but i never do anything with them, they just sit on my computer and take up storage so thinking about maybe getting a flickr but i don't know whether it's worth aaaall that editing etc when people might not even have a look :L plus i can imagine it takes a while for images to upload and i am not a particularly patient person!

also, in case you haven't heard, autumns coming! i'm really looking forward to all the new autumn fashions, especially scarves, uggs and snuggly coats, i've also fallen in LOVE with brogues lately! i've been seeing them around a lot lately and i do own a pair of dark brown ones but never worn them out cause they make my feet look big, pathetic excuse i know haha but they were such a bargain, £3 from a charity shop hahaha, some of the stuff you get in there is actually amazing!  i do wish i had a pair in a light tan/nude but i also like the black and white ones, they also look great with a heel and they have some great ones for sale in office! decisions, decisions!

anyway, i've got homework to do): hope you like the new earrings, feedback is always welcome :D

Thursday, 9 September 2010


after a looooong summer holiday i have finally been dragged, kicking and screaming, back to school.  i've just gone into year 11 so got my gcse's coming up and absolutely DREADING them D:
i just thought i'd write a little update cause i've decided that i'm gonna use this as my personal blog aswell as the business blog cause that way it's more fun and interesting (hopefully).

at the moment i have become sickeningly obsessed with tumblr, who knew reblogging photos could be so addictive? not me thats for sure.  i love finding really strange & new photography and it's actually really inspirational some of the stuff you see.  to have a look at mine and follow me just click HERE.

so today i started on some more jewellery cause i bought some more stock (i'm always buying more!) and they should be finished and listed real soon they're more vintage looking and original so hopefully they'll sell fast! i've noticed that disc pendants are getting really big lately so some items feature them as well as antique brass items and lockets!  i really wanna do something soon with pictures i frame myself in settings or something, so they're really individual but it's just hard to find something thats personal but also that others would want to wear; owning a jewellery business isn't as easy as you think!

lately i've been thinking that susanna valentine needs a makeover because the theme's getting rather old and also as the other half of susanna valentine, jess, is no longer a part of the business as she moved to australia its really only the valentine part left so a name change is required really, if you have any suggestions please do leave a comment below, preferably featuring valentine, my middle name(:

ohoh also, i found the most amazing tshirt evaaar.  you will probably have heard of jack wills, aaaall the preps wear it and its basically like a british version of abercrombie only more expensive so a clothing brand called 'We Own' created a sub-brand thing called jack kills and it features one of the popular jack wills shirts layout but with a twist, an original and individual way to diss the sloanes AND have a jack wills-esque tshirt for a cheaper price!  check it out HERE and while you're at it, have a look at their other stuff, its pretty good!:D
so yeah, nice to have a catch up every so often so there you go, catch ya laterrrrr ♥

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Thank You!

this post has a purpose to thank a special someone who has featured us in their blog! she is also 15 and her blog is all about the thoughts of a teenage girl, as well as adorable photography, fashion updates and tips as well as being constantly updated, we're deffo following, you?(;  check out her blog, 'Daydreaming is Heaven...'  HERE!

anyway, so right now i'm sitting at the family pc with a load of easymeche and bleach in my hair :L i'm only dying the underneath part of my fringe which works cause at school my fringe will be flat down so its unnoticeable but when i go out i can spread out the sections if you know what i mean and the platinum will be visible, genius, or so i think so(; 
aaalso, its my birthday coming up in october, the 8th to be precise(; and i have decided that i'm getting a macbook.  i've been saving up for a while so the money received from my fam should just add up to contribute towards one! i'm so excited :D  although i am doubting them cause i can get a load of good laptops cheaper so need a bit of help, any readers wanna contribute towards the pc vs mac argument?:L 
eurghh itchy bleach >.<   i'll write another catch up tomorrow after my first day of school in year 11 D:
ta ta for now!:D

Monday, 6 September 2010

hey tharrrrr

okay so i came back from devon yesterday and was driven back to my mums today and my baby bro, freddie, has grown so much! he now knows how to smile and its so cute watching him and his gummy grin hahahaha, here's a picture i just had to share :D
it's not very good quality cause my mum took it but oh well(:

anyway, what i meant to update you on is that we are now completely out of stock of the winged migration necklaces! i may bring in new stock but it is unlikely although if you would like them brought back feel free to message me HERE
so yah, school starts tomorrow and i'm dreading it but also kinda excited at the same time :D i have some new products as well which ima put on soon!