Sunday, 26 September 2010

amg cameraaaaa

ahh life's good at the moment :D  i may be absolutely broke but whatever, i just bought a new camera!  i do already have a nikon d5000 that i got for my birthday last year but i really wanted a proper vintage one so had a look on ebay and managed to win a genuine polaroid 1000 camera for just under£20 which is really cheap! it looks like this:

i'm SOOOO hyped! i can't wait for it to arrive!:D  it's so cute, especially the little rainbow stripes :3  unfortunately, it does take film and it's not cheap! its almost a tenner for 1 pack but oh wellll(:  i'm hoping that when i receive it i can do something like this to my wall in my bedroom:

or hang them on string like this:

what do you think? 

also, i'm getting soooo impatient, i ordered those galaxy leggings a while ago (a made a post about it, you'll have seen it if you're a regular reader) and they still haven't arrived, i mean i know they have to print the fabric and sew them and stuff but it can't take this long!!  arrrrrrrgh

oh well i'll just have to wait );  until then, stay tuned for some review posts i guess lalal <3

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