Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Thank You!

this post has a purpose to thank a special someone who has featured us in their blog! she is also 15 and her blog is all about the thoughts of a teenage girl, as well as adorable photography, fashion updates and tips as well as being constantly updated, we're deffo following, you?(;  check out her blog, 'Daydreaming is Heaven...'  HERE!

anyway, so right now i'm sitting at the family pc with a load of easymeche and bleach in my hair :L i'm only dying the underneath part of my fringe which works cause at school my fringe will be flat down so its unnoticeable but when i go out i can spread out the sections if you know what i mean and the platinum will be visible, genius, or so i think so(; 
aaalso, its my birthday coming up in october, the 8th to be precise(; and i have decided that i'm getting a macbook.  i've been saving up for a while so the money received from my fam should just add up to contribute towards one! i'm so excited :D  although i am doubting them cause i can get a load of good laptops cheaper so need a bit of help, any readers wanna contribute towards the pc vs mac argument?:L 
eurghh itchy bleach >.<   i'll write another catch up tomorrow after my first day of school in year 11 D:
ta ta for now!:D

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  1. Awww, thanks :D Im lovin your blog too :P


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