Sunday, 12 September 2010

we're getting featured!

you may have heard lately that kaelah bee, internet famous blogger of 'little chief honeybee' is doing a special feature and giveaway, and Susanna Valentine have entered! we need to send off 2 items, one for the giveaway and the other for the feature so we're getting the exposure of 3,000+ daily readers! this should hopefully bump up the business and help us out with advertising! aah i'm so excited! i love reading her blog, she is so interesting! click HERE to see it!

ohoh also, i made another cheesy picture thing hahaha, i saw a picture my friend, alex, took of some fireworks and was immediately reminded of the you me at six song called fireworks, one of my favourites by them so added them in haha, in case you were wondering, yes i am very bored at the moment d: here it is:
so yeah, i've made some more jewellery and will be photographing and listing it today if there's no interruptions/hiccups etc:D so stay tuned!

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