Friday, 10 September 2010

new product!

sorry it's been so long since i posted a new product, been real busy(;  this is just a lead on to more of the new stuff susanna valentine is bringing in:D  they're adorable stud earrings with a nautical theme! they're also mega cheap and only 1 pair available so buy it now or regret it forever!
click HERE to buy (:

so anyway, it's finally the weekend! it feels like forever since i had a day off and i've only been at school for 3 days! oh dear hahaha.  so lately i've been thinking, i'm always taking pictures cause i take my camera pretty much everywhere but i never do anything with them, they just sit on my computer and take up storage so thinking about maybe getting a flickr but i don't know whether it's worth aaaall that editing etc when people might not even have a look :L plus i can imagine it takes a while for images to upload and i am not a particularly patient person!

also, in case you haven't heard, autumns coming! i'm really looking forward to all the new autumn fashions, especially scarves, uggs and snuggly coats, i've also fallen in LOVE with brogues lately! i've been seeing them around a lot lately and i do own a pair of dark brown ones but never worn them out cause they make my feet look big, pathetic excuse i know haha but they were such a bargain, £3 from a charity shop hahaha, some of the stuff you get in there is actually amazing!  i do wish i had a pair in a light tan/nude but i also like the black and white ones, they also look great with a heel and they have some great ones for sale in office! decisions, decisions!

anyway, i've got homework to do): hope you like the new earrings, feedback is always welcome :D


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