Thursday, 9 September 2010


after a looooong summer holiday i have finally been dragged, kicking and screaming, back to school.  i've just gone into year 11 so got my gcse's coming up and absolutely DREADING them D:
i just thought i'd write a little update cause i've decided that i'm gonna use this as my personal blog aswell as the business blog cause that way it's more fun and interesting (hopefully).

at the moment i have become sickeningly obsessed with tumblr, who knew reblogging photos could be so addictive? not me thats for sure.  i love finding really strange & new photography and it's actually really inspirational some of the stuff you see.  to have a look at mine and follow me just click HERE.

so today i started on some more jewellery cause i bought some more stock (i'm always buying more!) and they should be finished and listed real soon they're more vintage looking and original so hopefully they'll sell fast! i've noticed that disc pendants are getting really big lately so some items feature them as well as antique brass items and lockets!  i really wanna do something soon with pictures i frame myself in settings or something, so they're really individual but it's just hard to find something thats personal but also that others would want to wear; owning a jewellery business isn't as easy as you think!

lately i've been thinking that susanna valentine needs a makeover because the theme's getting rather old and also as the other half of susanna valentine, jess, is no longer a part of the business as she moved to australia its really only the valentine part left so a name change is required really, if you have any suggestions please do leave a comment below, preferably featuring valentine, my middle name(:

ohoh also, i found the most amazing tshirt evaaar.  you will probably have heard of jack wills, aaaall the preps wear it and its basically like a british version of abercrombie only more expensive so a clothing brand called 'We Own' created a sub-brand thing called jack kills and it features one of the popular jack wills shirts layout but with a twist, an original and individual way to diss the sloanes AND have a jack wills-esque tshirt for a cheaper price!  check it out HERE and while you're at it, have a look at their other stuff, its pretty good!:D
so yeah, nice to have a catch up every so often so there you go, catch ya laterrrrr ♥


  1. I followed your tumblr :)
    And that tee is so cute!

  2. i know! i really want one but they dont have it in my size): and thank you!


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