Saturday, 25 September 2010


okay so MAJOR update, i have a puppy!!  my dads been saying we're going to get one for aaaages and yesterday he just sent me a random picture message of a puppy then i realised the background was the inside of our kitchen! so that was a nice way of telling me haha.  the puppy is an 8 week old female cockerpoo (mix between a cocker spaniel and a poodle) and she's jet black.  she is also currently nameless but we've got some ideas, we like coco, lulu, lola, teddi and a few others, i'm liking lulu best though, what do you guys think?  i went round to see her today and she is so tiny! about fifteen inches from her head to tip of her tail and her neck is so tiny we needed to buy a cat collar! i couldn't resist not taking any photos so had a mini photoshoot in my garden, here are a few of the squillions of pictures:

hope you think she's as cute as i do! :D

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