Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Simplicity Line!

I have finally released some of the all new, original Simplicity Line!  The Simplicity Line features one-off signature vintage pieces at affordable prices.  My favourite of the products added is the 'Queen For a Day' necklace shown below.

Click here to buy.

We also have two other products:

Keeper of the Keys Necklace - click here to buy

Fly Home Earrings - click here to buy
Keep checking back as more of the Simplicity Line will be added very soon!

Friday, 30 July 2010

i'm back!

yayayay i'm back from spain! all orders have been sent out and we have now only got 1 of the 'Postcards From Paris' necklace left!

click here to buy!
so anyway, spain was actually pretty boring if i'm honest! i'm not even that tanned either ): ah well, que seraaaa.  so: the simplicity line!
i am just finalising the descriptions and pictures but i will not be putting them on until i am sold out of a few more items because there are not actually enough product spaces for me to put them in!
i'm also thinking about bringing in some more of the babuska doll necklace stock as they sold really fast!
hmm yeah, maybe(: 
we have also got our first order from america! so thank you very much! :D
anyway, i'll write soon, when i have something exciting to say
otherwise, byeeee!

ps. check out an amazing game here, i'm totally addicted!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

New Products!

yaaaay we've finally listed some new products, some of which are so cute i wanna keep them for myself!
1. Oh The Luck of the Irish! Bracelet.  Click here to buy.

2. Postcards From Paris Necklace.  Click here to buy.

3.  My Secret Diary Necklace. Click here to buy.
4. Wildflower Bracelet. Click here to buy.

5. Swoop Vintage Earrings. Click here to buy.

we have also revamped the How Does Your Garden Grow? Necklace so that the watering can tips better so the 'water' looks like it flows out more.  click here to buy.

the image for the Midnight Black Rose Necklace was also quite yucky as it looked nicer in real life than the image so i retook a picture for it.  it still looks better in real life than the image but meh, you get the gist.  click here to buy!

i also have more surprises lined up! i have a whole new line to be introduced called The Simplicity Line ! it's basically a few items, some of which one off vintage exclusives, that are simple, signiature pieces.  i think i shall release them either during my holiday or when i get back on the 28th, at the moment i think that would be the best option :L aaaanyway, stay tuned i guess!:D


okay so today we actually got something done! -claps- we made LOADS of new jewellery and even came up with a line of specialist jewellery which will be released when i'm back from my holiday (12th-28th July) so stay tuned for that, i've already written the descriptions for them:D i actually might just release them during the holiday when i'm able to get to the internet cafe... hmm well i'll see. but yeah tomorrow we shall list 6 new products! then when we have sold out of a few more products we have even more to list! i'd just like to say a big thank you to meg who helped me decide which cabs to put on which component and chain lengths etc, i'm so indecisive :L and also for spending aaaaages plaiting thread and chain together! you may have also noticed that i have renamed a few of the older necklaces to more imaginative names and we are also giving the 'how does your garden grow?' necklace a revamp!
anyway, stay tuned for tomorrow!(;

Friday, 9 July 2010

okay so today is the day of making new stock! meg is coming over later today and we are creating some jewellery masterpieces!(; although only a few if none will be listed as i am actually away on holiday in spain for two and a half weeks, flying out on sunday so orders would have to wait a while or i would have to just list them when i get back.

anyway, last night was hecticccc, i went to see my friends' bands in reading at facebar, they were sick asssss, my mates' band 'buy me a t-shirt' were headlining along with supporting bands including 'four short of a miracle' which are also really good:D

unfortunately the bus i was going to take home actually only runs on friday nights so i had absolutely no way of getting home, but i managed to get a taxi with the help of aaron, thank you very much if you're reading this :D

anyway, stay tuned for new products!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

okay sorry for the lack of blog posts D: things have been kinda hectic lately and i haven't had time to update Susanna Valentine at all but i have made some new jewellery which i NEED to take pictures of. SO anyway, jess (susanna part of susanna valentine) has moved to australia so she is no longer a part of the business but we are still keeping her in the name and she can always help with things whenever she wants. we'll all miss her loads and it sucks without her here ): i think however that another close friend, meg, will sometimes be able to help as she is really into jewellery like ours and can give opinions and ideas so she could be featured pretty soon maybe. so yeahh hopefully i'll take some pictures of our new products today!

ps. we have sold out of all 5 of the russian babushka doll necklaces! o;