Friday, 9 July 2010

okay so today is the day of making new stock! meg is coming over later today and we are creating some jewellery masterpieces!(; although only a few if none will be listed as i am actually away on holiday in spain for two and a half weeks, flying out on sunday so orders would have to wait a while or i would have to just list them when i get back.

anyway, last night was hecticccc, i went to see my friends' bands in reading at facebar, they were sick asssss, my mates' band 'buy me a t-shirt' were headlining along with supporting bands including 'four short of a miracle' which are also really good:D

unfortunately the bus i was going to take home actually only runs on friday nights so i had absolutely no way of getting home, but i managed to get a taxi with the help of aaron, thank you very much if you're reading this :D

anyway, stay tuned for new products!

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