Saturday, 10 July 2010


okay so today we actually got something done! -claps- we made LOADS of new jewellery and even came up with a line of specialist jewellery which will be released when i'm back from my holiday (12th-28th July) so stay tuned for that, i've already written the descriptions for them:D i actually might just release them during the holiday when i'm able to get to the internet cafe... hmm well i'll see. but yeah tomorrow we shall list 6 new products! then when we have sold out of a few more products we have even more to list! i'd just like to say a big thank you to meg who helped me decide which cabs to put on which component and chain lengths etc, i'm so indecisive :L and also for spending aaaaages plaiting thread and chain together! you may have also noticed that i have renamed a few of the older necklaces to more imaginative names and we are also giving the 'how does your garden grow?' necklace a revamp!
anyway, stay tuned for tomorrow!(;

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