Wednesday, 7 July 2010

okay sorry for the lack of blog posts D: things have been kinda hectic lately and i haven't had time to update Susanna Valentine at all but i have made some new jewellery which i NEED to take pictures of. SO anyway, jess (susanna part of susanna valentine) has moved to australia so she is no longer a part of the business but we are still keeping her in the name and she can always help with things whenever she wants. we'll all miss her loads and it sucks without her here ): i think however that another close friend, meg, will sometimes be able to help as she is really into jewellery like ours and can give opinions and ideas so she could be featured pretty soon maybe. so yeahh hopefully i'll take some pictures of our new products today!

ps. we have sold out of all 5 of the russian babushka doll necklaces! o;

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