Friday, 30 July 2010

i'm back!

yayayay i'm back from spain! all orders have been sent out and we have now only got 1 of the 'Postcards From Paris' necklace left!

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so anyway, spain was actually pretty boring if i'm honest! i'm not even that tanned either ): ah well, que seraaaa.  so: the simplicity line!
i am just finalising the descriptions and pictures but i will not be putting them on until i am sold out of a few more items because there are not actually enough product spaces for me to put them in!
i'm also thinking about bringing in some more of the babuska doll necklace stock as they sold really fast!
hmm yeah, maybe(: 
we have also got our first order from america! so thank you very much! :D
anyway, i'll write soon, when i have something exciting to say
otherwise, byeeee!

ps. check out an amazing game here, i'm totally addicted!

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