Tuesday, 31 August 2010

been a while!

!okay so sorry i haven't written in so long, i've been so busy! i went to reading festival this weekend just gone and it was so so epic, i saw a load of my favourite bands including blink 182, mumford & sons, hadouken!, paramore, you me at six, limp bizkit, a day to remember, pendulum and enter shikari.  and thats only naming a few!  even though it was muddy absolutely everywhere and it was raining all of wednesday and thursday i loved every moment.  i got an early bird ticket so i could set up my tent early and i camped with a load of friends which was fun.  i lived off pot noodles and crisp sandwiches for the weekend and it was such a relief to get back home and eat proper food! i think im going to buy a presale ticket soon so that it's not too hectic closer to the time like what happened this year, i basically got told i had no ticket after someone promised me one for ages and i'd already bought an early bird ticket and stuffffff. anyway, i now have 3 reading festival bands and should hopefully have another next year!  i would put on a load of photos but i actually didnt take any! i didnt wanna risk my camera and to be honest, i looked pretty awful most of the days anyway due to lack of sleep/shower etc hahaha.  so yyyyyah ill write soon and i was also thinking recently that i dont actually write that often to this blog so ill try harder! i might do what kaelah bee does and do days where i post a picture or something.  anyway must dash, hungrrrrrrry bai

Thursday, 19 August 2010

More New Stuff!

okay, i'm on a roll with all this new jewellery, i'm using up all the stocks i bought but never got round to making things out of so here they are! :D

1. Light as a Feather Necklace - Simplicity Line, click here to buy

2. Swooping Swallow Necklace - RESTOCKED! click here to buy

3. Heartbeat bracelet - click here to buy.

4. A Little Birdie Told Me.. bracelet - click here to buy.

5. Fly On the Wings of Love necklace - click here to buy.

I also have LOADS of other new products coming but i'll have to sell a few more before i can put them on!

I am also deleting a few products which i think have become a little outdated soon to make more room for better products!  Also you may have noticed that i have merged the four flower cabochon necklaces, i still have them all up for sale but you just select the colour you want from the drop down menu(:

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


okay, so our article was launched on sugarscape.com the other day and we are now the website of the month! the article has already got 55 comments so far and we have received 1 order already! we also now have 8 followers of this blog!:D i'm SO happy!  to see the article just click HERE!

i'd like to extent an ENORMOUS thank you to Mhairi from Sugar Magazine for posting my website and for also giving me the opportunity to model in the november issue, so look out for me there!

ps, we have now sold out of the 'Keeper of the Keys' necklace so we shall be taking it off the site shortly as there was only one ever made!

Sunday, 15 August 2010


okay so i know this is completely off topic of this blog but i like using it as a personal blog too(:

basically, i have found the most amazing car in the universe.  it's called the nissan pivo and its adorable!
i was just researching cars that i could get for when i'm 17 and somehow stumbled across this one! it's completely unrealistic and i'll probably end up with some rubbish old junkyard rescue car but its nice to dream(:  basically, this car has pivoting wheels so you can turn in a circle on the spot, because of this it doesnt need to reverse!  i think the best feature, however, is the little robot in the front!  its like a cute little robot head that sticks out from the dashboard and you talk to it and ask where the closest petrol station is or something and he replies in an adorable robot voice! i simply MUST get one! :D too bad it cost ridiculous amounts of money ): oh welllll, there you go, you know a small amount about the nissan pivo, learn something new every day i guess ;D

btw, i just had to show you it in action, watch it below!

hope you enjoyed my random outburst of pivo love, ill write sooon! :D

Friday, 13 August 2010

what a week!

okay sorry i havent written in aaaages, i've been so so busy with my work experience!  i spent a week as an intern at the sugar magazine offices in london and it was so cool! so much goes on there and i even got to spend a day at a photoshoot for a magazine! susanna valentine has also managed to get some great advertising in return for me working there so our website is getting featured on sugarscape.com aswell as me modelling in a take six: readers photoshoot wearing susanna valentine jewellery!  hopefully this advertising will help out business cause we've not been doing too well lately! i'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone at sugar for a great experience and for also helping me out so much!
i'll write soon and i have some new products lined up too so look forward to that!