Sunday, 15 August 2010


okay so i know this is completely off topic of this blog but i like using it as a personal blog too(:

basically, i have found the most amazing car in the universe.  it's called the nissan pivo and its adorable!
i was just researching cars that i could get for when i'm 17 and somehow stumbled across this one! it's completely unrealistic and i'll probably end up with some rubbish old junkyard rescue car but its nice to dream(:  basically, this car has pivoting wheels so you can turn in a circle on the spot, because of this it doesnt need to reverse!  i think the best feature, however, is the little robot in the front!  its like a cute little robot head that sticks out from the dashboard and you talk to it and ask where the closest petrol station is or something and he replies in an adorable robot voice! i simply MUST get one! :D too bad it cost ridiculous amounts of money ): oh welllll, there you go, you know a small amount about the nissan pivo, learn something new every day i guess ;D

btw, i just had to show you it in action, watch it below!

hope you enjoyed my random outburst of pivo love, ill write sooon! :D

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