Tuesday, 30 November 2010

all you need is love!

first up, i have a new product for you! it is called the All You Need is Love Necklace, shown in the picture above!  it's part of the susanna valentine simplicity line and a real bargain at only £7!  however,  there is only one available so buy it now or regret it forever!

so yesterday i got 2 orders in one day! crazy huh? :D  this means that now that the A Little Birdie Told Me... Bracelet is sold out! however, if you for any reason would like me to make you another please contact me and i will be happy to! we also only have one of the Wildflower Bracelets left so snap it up quick if you want it! 

i'm also mega excited because this sunday is the clothes show live!  my godmother is able to get us special vip tickets for free and discounted vip fashion show tickets, she's the best!  i have been to the clothes show now for about 4 years in a row and it's one of the only things i really look forward to in my year, aside from reading festival, which i have been to for 3 years running now.

lastly, SNOW ALL OVER EVERYWHERE! :D aaall my friends have been going on about how it was going to snow today, i didn't believe anyone though, because, although it is freezing outside, it never really properly snows before christmas.  so to my surprise, this morning i woke up to snow in my garden! although it was only like a centimetre or so, there was quite a lot in farnborough, where i go to school.  it has been snowing all day and is supposed to be carrying on all night so hopefully school will be closed tomorrow!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

sunday round up week 3: hide & seek clothing

so actually i'm finding these round up things kinda difficult! i'm not sure as to what to put into them, even though i came up with the idea haha.  so i have decided that it shall be the day where i post anything random that i like with a song or something, i dont know.  i also could feature people's shops etc. to help get the word around about their passions! :D if you have any interest in being featured please do contact me!

this week i have chosen to feature hide and seek clothing.  i stumbled across this store a few weeks ago and fell in love with everything!  i actually bought the wake up tshirt shown in the picture above to the left and it arrived the other day! you may not be able to see it but i am wearing it in the two pictures at the top!  it looks great if you layer it and shove on a check shirt on the top! :D  it's also insanely soft and comfortable to wear.  i bought the size medium and it's kinda baggy on me, as it is more of a size 12 whereas i am a size 8-10 but it's okay because i like my tshirts baggy(:  i also just noticed another tee on their site which i'm putting on my christmas list! it's the mountain logo tee and it's the picture above to the right.

but enough of that for now, if you have noticed, i have redesigned the whole site!  it is still a bit pinky and girly but it's a little more personal to me now, and any new jewellery i'm making will be too(: i spent quite a while with all the coding etc and i would really like your honest opinion if anyone is willing to share? thank you (:

oh and here's the song i promised you guys, it's probably not what most of you will be into but i absolutely love it, dubstep is lit my favourite music at the moment (:  it's called machine gun 16 bit remix by noisia.

Link to us!

We would appreciate it greatly if you put our banner on your site!  we have many dimensions available below.  If you would like us to make a different sized button to accomodate your site let us know and we'll be happy to make one!

Susanna Valentine - Quirky Handmade Jewellery
183 X 77

Susanna Valentine-Quirky Handmade Jewellery
160 X 60

Susanna Valentine - Quirky Handmade Jewellery
183 X 116

Quirky Indie Jewellery!
185 X 185

susanna valentine!
196 X 278

Hope you like them!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

sunday round up week 2: WIGS!

okay i know this is kinda random but i was on Kaelah Bee's blog today and saw her post here where she has pink hair! it actually looks so realistic and i managed to find the supplier, the shop is called Miss Violet Lace and the wigs they do are insane! i would love to have the guts to wear them but i have a feeling that people would think it's a bit weird haha.  i found one wig in particular (the picture above) which is exactly what i want and it's quite cheap too, at £30 so what do you think guys, would you find it kinda weird if someone wore wigs frequently?

oh and here's a song i like for good measure :D

Sunday, 14 November 2010

image change

gpoy (sorry about the bad macbook quality!)
01: okay, so i've been thinking about the overall design of the Susanna Valentine website and blog and have decided that it needs to be changed.  when i first started up the company i wanted it to be all girly and cute but i've changed my mind since then and have decided that it's not me at all, i'm more into quirky things and would like my business and the products to portray who i am so from now on i'm going to try and achieve a more individual image with my jewellery to match my personality.  so, for the next few days/weeks the sites might begin to take on mixed images so please ignore this, it's probably just me experimenting with everything!  so yeah, stay tuned for a big image change!

02: i've also been wanting to do a proper photoshoot for aaages but have never had the chance to yet, plus it's winter now, so no more beautiful sunny days with nice lighting unfortunately ):  but i will try my best to get a shoot done soon!

03: lastly, i've been thinking that my blog needs some regularity so i'm adding a new feature every sunday called sunday round up! this will just be a random collection of links that i've collected throughout the week, it can include anything from songs to photographers to interesting news in general. today i have decided to share a song i found recently that i have fallen in love with! it's called black sheep by metric and i discovered it in the movie 'scott pilgrim saves the world' which i'm sure everyones heard of.  anyway maybe let me know what you think in the comments!  (just to let you know, the intro is really long, the song doesn't actually kick in properly until 0.34!)

sorry about the super long post!

Friday, 12 November 2010


yeyahhh so i finally got my macbook pro! i'm so hyped! hence the picture above hahaha although i do look like a guy in that picture, please do ignore that factor hehe.  so i was up until like 2am last night playing around with everything and didn't go into school because it was only a half day so i can't get picked up at lunch so don't bother going in, which my 'rents don't mind cause i only miss like 1 lesson.  

i'm also really nervous at the moment 'cause it's the time where i have to start think about sixth forms.  i looked round farnborough sixth the other day and fell in love. its amazing there, especially the art block, i have have have to get in! i filled in my application form earlier and i still haven't submitted it yet, so worried! i shouldn't be though, i was predicted pretty much all A's so hopefully i'll get in, otherwise i have no second choice! D:

i still haven't added those new products yet as promised, sorry! i'm now at my dads house and i keep all my jewellery stuff at mums so the earliest i can add them is monday, sorry!  i'll try add them asap though(:  something to look forward to i guess!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sold Out!

Wow, we're getting a load of orders lately! This post is to tell you guys that the Adoration Necklace is completely sold out!

This product will be taken off the page soon and replaced with a new product!

I have also made another Wildflower Bracelet and will be making even more soon!
Stay tuned for 2 new products on their way!

Friday, 5 November 2010


So, a while ago I posted a picture of me in my halloween outfit on my blog and I also posted it on my lookbook.  A few hours after I uploaded it I had about 16 emails saying that loads of people had become a fan of my looks and I had a load of comments, then I discovered that I had 174 hypes on the look! I was so pumped, I can't believe that so many people liked it! So I'd like to thank everybody who hyped my look, it really means a lot! :D  Here's the look if you haven't already seen it :