Tuesday, 30 November 2010

all you need is love!

first up, i have a new product for you! it is called the All You Need is Love Necklace, shown in the picture above!  it's part of the susanna valentine simplicity line and a real bargain at only £7!  however,  there is only one available so buy it now or regret it forever!

so yesterday i got 2 orders in one day! crazy huh? :D  this means that now that the A Little Birdie Told Me... Bracelet is sold out! however, if you for any reason would like me to make you another please contact me and i will be happy to! we also only have one of the Wildflower Bracelets left so snap it up quick if you want it! 

i'm also mega excited because this sunday is the clothes show live!  my godmother is able to get us special vip tickets for free and discounted vip fashion show tickets, she's the best!  i have been to the clothes show now for about 4 years in a row and it's one of the only things i really look forward to in my year, aside from reading festival, which i have been to for 3 years running now.

lastly, SNOW ALL OVER EVERYWHERE! :D aaall my friends have been going on about how it was going to snow today, i didn't believe anyone though, because, although it is freezing outside, it never really properly snows before christmas.  so to my surprise, this morning i woke up to snow in my garden! although it was only like a centimetre or so, there was quite a lot in farnborough, where i go to school.  it has been snowing all day and is supposed to be carrying on all night so hopefully school will be closed tomorrow!


  1. thats so cool you make all your own jewellery :) do you just pick up quirky pendents etc at craft shows and make them into necklaces etc.? xx

  2. pretty much(: i also do a lot of vintage shopping online, there's some great stuff out there :D xx

  3. thats so cool, i wish i had that kind of talent (i fail so bad at things like this haha) i've added some of your stuff to my xmas list so hopefully i will be getting quite a bit for xmas :D xx

  4. naww, well thats great! hope your wishes are granted! :D


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