Friday, 12 November 2010


yeyahhh so i finally got my macbook pro! i'm so hyped! hence the picture above hahaha although i do look like a guy in that picture, please do ignore that factor hehe.  so i was up until like 2am last night playing around with everything and didn't go into school because it was only a half day so i can't get picked up at lunch so don't bother going in, which my 'rents don't mind cause i only miss like 1 lesson.  

i'm also really nervous at the moment 'cause it's the time where i have to start think about sixth forms.  i looked round farnborough sixth the other day and fell in love. its amazing there, especially the art block, i have have have to get in! i filled in my application form earlier and i still haven't submitted it yet, so worried! i shouldn't be though, i was predicted pretty much all A's so hopefully i'll get in, otherwise i have no second choice! D:

i still haven't added those new products yet as promised, sorry! i'm now at my dads house and i keep all my jewellery stuff at mums so the earliest i can add them is monday, sorry!  i'll try add them asap though(:  something to look forward to i guess!

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