Sunday, 14 November 2010

image change

gpoy (sorry about the bad macbook quality!)
01: okay, so i've been thinking about the overall design of the Susanna Valentine website and blog and have decided that it needs to be changed.  when i first started up the company i wanted it to be all girly and cute but i've changed my mind since then and have decided that it's not me at all, i'm more into quirky things and would like my business and the products to portray who i am so from now on i'm going to try and achieve a more individual image with my jewellery to match my personality.  so, for the next few days/weeks the sites might begin to take on mixed images so please ignore this, it's probably just me experimenting with everything!  so yeah, stay tuned for a big image change!

02: i've also been wanting to do a proper photoshoot for aaages but have never had the chance to yet, plus it's winter now, so no more beautiful sunny days with nice lighting unfortunately ):  but i will try my best to get a shoot done soon!

03: lastly, i've been thinking that my blog needs some regularity so i'm adding a new feature every sunday called sunday round up! this will just be a random collection of links that i've collected throughout the week, it can include anything from songs to photographers to interesting news in general. today i have decided to share a song i found recently that i have fallen in love with! it's called black sheep by metric and i discovered it in the movie 'scott pilgrim saves the world' which i'm sure everyones heard of.  anyway maybe let me know what you think in the comments!  (just to let you know, the intro is really long, the song doesn't actually kick in properly until 0.34!)

sorry about the super long post!

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