Saturday, 10 July 2010

New Products!

yaaaay we've finally listed some new products, some of which are so cute i wanna keep them for myself!
1. Oh The Luck of the Irish! Bracelet.  Click here to buy.

2. Postcards From Paris Necklace.  Click here to buy.

3.  My Secret Diary Necklace. Click here to buy.
4. Wildflower Bracelet. Click here to buy.

5. Swoop Vintage Earrings. Click here to buy.

we have also revamped the How Does Your Garden Grow? Necklace so that the watering can tips better so the 'water' looks like it flows out more.  click here to buy.

the image for the Midnight Black Rose Necklace was also quite yucky as it looked nicer in real life than the image so i retook a picture for it.  it still looks better in real life than the image but meh, you get the gist.  click here to buy!

i also have more surprises lined up! i have a whole new line to be introduced called The Simplicity Line ! it's basically a few items, some of which one off vintage exclusives, that are simple, signiature pieces.  i think i shall release them either during my holiday or when i get back on the 28th, at the moment i think that would be the best option :L aaaanyway, stay tuned i guess!:D

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