Monday, 3 January 2011

Mini Mixtape Monday: Week 4

Click the picture for the autoplay youtube playlist

1. impossible - christina grimmie
2. makin' out - pamplamoose
3. today has been okay - emiliana torrini
4. us - regina spektor
5. neopolitan dreams - lisa mitchell

the first track is a youtube artist, she has the most amazing voice, major jealous of her!  the playlist this week is a really nice, light combination so very easy to listen to, enjoy(:


  1. I love these posts :). Love your music taste too. I always check out the music you mention. Definitely liking Christina Grimme.
    I hope you had a lovely NY.


  2. wow thank you! it's so nice to know that someone actually reads my posts(:
    happy new year to you too!
    Amy x


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