Saturday, 15 May 2010


okay so, things aren't moving very quickly at Susanna Valentine at the moment, aaaaall my stock is at mums house but it's okay because i'm going back there tomorrow! yay(:
it appears that jess has actually lost the glue which is a disappointment because it was so good and also brand new and also expensive -.- a bit miffed about that because that means i will have to order yet more glue and this will postpone the production of some of the products. so yeah, i'd just like to say that Susanna Valentine is now on google! now when you search susanna valentine or susanna valentine jewellery we pop up as one of the first results! i'm very happy about this, it means that hopefully we'll get some orders coming in. i also made some business cards so this could help when people ask about us, just swipe out a flash business card (; we're also thinking of putting up some posters around school and town to advertise:D
oh and by the way, i made a tumblr account and am a tad obsessed with it at the moment aha, check it out here.
ta ta for now! ;D

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