Monday, 3 May 2010

bank holiday!

so i haven't actually done anything for the site recently, i've been at my dads house and all the parcels are delivered to mums anyway, plus theyre not delivered weekends anyway, but some of the stock is taking forever which is slightly annoying -.-
but anyway, i just thought i'd let you know, i am obsessed with unicorn kid at the moment, his music is amaaazing, you have to be in the mood for it though, the genre is chiptune and his doesn't contain any lyrics but i don't mind(: my favourite song is 'lion hat', it sounds amazing when you listen to it really loud with good quality headphones (my friend has skullcandy ones, theyre crazy good, £32, hi matt if you're reading this ;D )
such a cool picture don't you think? check out unicorn kid's myspace here
anyway, im off for some lunch, jess got back from australia today by the way! so buzzed to see her tomorrow, i'm sure she'll write a blog saying hey soon(:
byeeee x

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