Wednesday, 21 April 2010


started school today. fml -.- i forgot how to wake up early :L
i also just added a new lookbook thingy so check that out here
also, me and a few friends have been brainstorming about ideas today and have a few killer ones that we can't wait to do, i just have to talk to jess about it first(: should hopefully be good though, we also need to make some business cards and im probably going to design some this weekend. aaaalso, this friday i'm going down to the tech room at school to drill holes in some of the new pendants cause my drill at home is absolutely useless :L so um yaaaaah. oh, and i also found out that jess is stuck in australia for another 11 days -.- im hating this stupid iceland volcano right now. so yeaaah, looking forward to when shes back and amazingly happy that she may be able to stay and come to reading festival with me :D woooooooooop
but i have to go now cause i need a shower lmfao, so baibai i'll probably write again sooon, am loving blogging :L

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  1. love the blog, you have some great stuff

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