Saturday, 24 April 2010

Nom nom nom

okay everyone, we finally have made the winged migration necklaces and i think i have fallen in love with them :L so so adorable(: plus they're quite cheap and really good quality despite the fact they are hollow backed brass, i couldn't bend them as hard as i tried! here is a picture of it:

click here to buy !
So as you guys can see, jess has made the blog sooo much better than it was before! :D ahh i do love that girl(: so yeah anyway, as jess said, we do have some babushka dolls we don't have any idea what we are doing with but i do have an idea which i need to discuss with her(:
also we have recieved our first order! thank you so so much Polly! she has bought one of the lovely winged migration necklaces (: some new stocks have also arrived today so i shall be experimenting with them today! :D
but yeah anyway, ill write again soon,

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