Friday, 23 April 2010

Tell your friends!

hey guys.
basically as amy said in one of her million blog posts, im stuck here for another eleven days, which really sucks. i see she added a new product. i do like it and ive seen it myself and it really is lovely so if you wanna grab a bargain then seriously buy this necklace because you wont find another one like this around. also please do tell your friends about us because we feel really lonely without any followers! or anyone buying anything. as amy said were hopefully going to be making some business cards and then were gonna be handing them around, possibly in town, around school etc. we have a few more charms that we bought a while off that were little wooden russian dolls, ill post a blog about them soon.
but yeah, lastly pleeeaaase tell your friends about us :( we really need this, so thankyou for even reading this if anyone does!

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