Thursday, 22 April 2010

Ma gap yah.

i just finished making a new necklace and posted it on the site cause i was really bored(:

check it out here.
personally, i like it and its really cheap so a good bargain. i also changed the banner on the website cause i thought blue looked better, i just hope jess doesn't feel left out again because i keep doing things without telling her but it's so hard to talk to her lately what with the australian time difference and all ): i haven't talked to her in aaages and if she moves this is what its gonna be like, boooring.
oh, well life will have to go on): but yeahh, tomorrow i'm drilling holes in the new pendants and i also have a new idea for a necklace that i need to discuss with jess, should be really good, quirky and original, antique one offs:D
aaaaanyway, must dash, im hungry...
ps. click here to see the best video ever, its hilarious:L

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