Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Busy day!

hiya guys, its amy again:D
today has been relatively busy for me actually seeing as school is tomorrow -.- not looking forward to it. but yeah, i have added a new product to the website, an adorable little love necklace,

click here to see its page, theres only one available so buy it now or regret it forever(;
i also added my first lookbook entry if you're interested in that site, which not many people are :L so if you want to have a look at that just click here. i've also been doing a load of ebay stuff today of all my old clothes cause i need money (namely to buy stocks). but yeah, anyway i'm sooo happy cause yesterday i went to reading with mum and went around a load of charity shops and managed to fins some brown brogues for £2 and a real YSL jumper for £3. so so happy :L my mum also bought me some laavly grey boots from river island which are nicer than the ugly black ones i have at the moment that make my feet look huge hahaa. but yaaah, check out the product and stuff, maybe even be crazy and be our first follower -.- so yeah anyway, baaaaai:DX

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