Monday, 26 April 2010


okay, so
the new stock i ordered actually need holes drilling in them so i shall be doing that tomorrow but i'm a tad worried cause the charm is so small i don't think i'll be able to drill it without ruining it :L but oh well, worth a try. also, i added a new look on lookbook but i don't really like it as much, it was after a gig so meeehh(: nothing special:L check it out here. aaalso, if you're reading this jess thanks for texting me at 3am and waking me up -.- NAT appreciated. i also worked out how we're going to package our orders and designed some business cards which are pretty cute(: also, if you've never heard of jake and amir just youtube them, i think they are actually the funniest guys on the universe :L
so yeah anyway, i need to go tidy my room. again fml.
baaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiii :D

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