Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Russsian dolls!

so me and jess worked out what to do with the babushka dolls, we have made them all into necklaces! (: Before, we were completely stumped as to what we were going to do but we saw one almost identical in Sugar magazine last month and we decided to do that! there are four different colours, all lovely(:check them out here!
we were also thinking of making some into keyrings maybe? idk, could work ha.
also, as you will know if you read my previous blog, i was going to drill holes in the new stock today. i haven't :L i had to catch up on a test i missed at lunch break which was when i was going to do it but oh well, theres always tomorrow ;D i'm also getting really annoyed about the rest of the stock arriving, i ordered it like a week ago and it still hasn't arrived! ): hopefully should be here soon though so stay tuned for new products when they do! (;
7 days until jess is back from australia, loooong ): school is major boring without her:L
so yaaaaaaah off to revise, biology mock tomorrow D:

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