Thursday, 15 April 2010


yo, i'm insanely bored at the moment so i thought i'd post another blog.
it turns out that jess WAS going to write an entry but couldn't think of anything to write so didn't post it in the end. exciting stuff.
anyway, i ordered some new charms yesterday, namely some silver ones for the bracelets i was talking about in the previous blog but the p&p will take up to 30 days so you might have to wait a while :L we're also having problems with money at the moment too, it appears that starting up a business isn't as easy as we thought as the stocks we're buying aren't always cheap and we haven't had any purchases yet but hopefully as we go on we will do a bit better, just have to keep trying(:
ahh well, thanks for reading(:
oh and by the way, we added a new necklace a while ago which we forgot to blog about but we love it and it's our favourite product so far :D check it out here.

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