Friday, 18 June 2010


okay, this is a completely pointless blog rant that i need to let out.
moustache necklaces. why is everybody so obsessed with wearing mens facial hair as jewellery? it just makes no sense? so many jewellery websites are doing them at the moment and its just confusing haha, the last thing i want around my neck is some old mans moustache :L
anyway rant over..
i'm thinking the watering can necklace needs a revamp, it doesn't hang righttt, i want to get it to hang at an angle so the drops pour out properly so i'm not sure if i should drill more holes or connect the chain to the spout too... oh well ill sort it out..
i'm thinking i should get in some more products asap as they're getting bought up quite fast! i already used up almost 10 metres of chain and 100+ jumprings o;
anywaaaaaay i dont even know why i keep writing blogs, no one actually reads them anyway, we only have 2 subscribers): oh welllll..

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